We work as a creative team, swapping the roles of photographer, stylist and director according to each job.  We love  working together sharing our skills and the excitment of developing new ideas and techniques.

Why “Upfront “?  Well its all about being upfront about work and money -  understanding what you expect from us and making sure you know what the costs are before we start your photography.  We aim to give our best creatively, technically, to budget and on time.  If you are not happy with our work we will refund your money!

As a child Tony loved  films  and photography, as a teenager he made films. After university he worked at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for 21 years, mostly in senior production and management positions, writing producing and directing. After leaving  the ABC he  independently produced for both  SBS and the ABC whilst in his not so spare time  working as a  still photographer.   

Robina fell in love with photography as a child and opened her first studio just after she and Tony were married(they met at the ABC).  Photography for her since then has been about constant study to keep up with the changes in technology, interior design and fashion.  Her work has been recognized for its timeless qualities.  Her passion for capturing a split second of time to the best of her ability has never wavered.

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Our hobbies are photographing trains, cities, country towns, and the environment. Tony is a model train nut and Robina does patchwork and we belong to a bookclub too - and we’re not boring nerds!






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